FUTA Appoints 20 Professors


Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) Appoints 20 Professors

Their promotion followed the recommendation and approval of the Appointments and Promotions Committee (Academic). Their promotion takes effect from October 10, 2019.

FUTA New Professors

  1. Prof. A. C. Odiyi SAAT/CSP
  2. Prof. (Mrs.) A. I. Okunlola SAAT/CSP
  3. Prof. Y. O. Olasoji SEET/EEE
  4. Prof. S. P. Ayodeji SEET/IPE
  5. Prof. O. O. Awopetu SEET/MEE
  6. Prof. A. O. Akinola SEET/MEE
  7. Prof. (Mrs.) C. O. Ijagbemi SEET/MEE
  8. Prof. T. D. Oloruntoba SEET/MME
  9. Prof. T. I. Ogedengbe SEET/MEE
  10. Prof. T. B. Afeni SEET/MNE
  11. Prof. S. A. Anjorin SEET/MEE
  12. Prof. O. F. Kayode SET/IDD
  13. Prof. S. A. Oluwadare SOC/CSC
  14. Prof. (Mrs.) B. A. Ojokoh SOC./IFS
  15. Prof. I. J. Kade SOS/BCH
  16. Prof. O. M. Oniya SOS/BIO
  17. Prof. M. I. S. Onyibor SOS/GNS
  18. Prof. (Mrs.) D. V. Adegunloye SOS/MCB
  19. Prof. A. T. Adediji SOS/PHY
  20. Prof. F. B. Adebola SOS/STA

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