• FUNAI Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 Session

    FUNAI Academic Calendar

    The Federal University Ndufu-Alike Ikwo (FUNAI) , Ebonyi State 2018/2019 academic session academic calendar is out.
    FUNAI 2018/2019 academic calendar has been approved by the senate in principle subject to adaptation in response to events and reviews.

    FUNAI Academic Calendar.

    1Staff Retreat/Orientation FacultiesWednesday 3rd October, 2018
    2Arrival of Students (Returning and Fresh Students)Saturday 6th October, 2018
    3Registration Commences for Returning and Fresh StudentsMonday 8th October, 2018
    4Inter- denominational ServiceMonday 8th October,2018
    5Lectures commence for Returning StudentsMonday 8th October, 2018
    6Lectures Commence for Fresh studentsMonday 15th October, 2018
    7Inception Quiz for Returning StudentsMonday 22nd – 26th October, 2018
    8Approval and Submission of Inception Examination Results to Directorate of Academic Planning (DAP)Wednesday 31st October – Friday 2nd November, 2018
    9Inter denominational Service to mark the commencement of the sessionSunday 4th November, 2018
    9Mid-Semester Examination for Returning StudentsMonday, 3rd – Friday 7th December, 2018
    10Orientation for Fresh StudentsFriday 14th December, 2018
    11Convocation LectureMonday 17th, December, 2018
    12Convocation ProperTuesday 18th December, 2018
    13Christmas BreakWednesday 19th December, 2018 – Saturday 5th January, 2019
    14Continuation of First Semester LecturesMonday 7th January, 2019
    15Mid – Semester Examination for Fresh StudentsMonday 7th January, 2019 – Friday 11th January, 2019
    16Submission of Mid-Semester Results for Returning Students to DepartmentsFriday 19th January, 2019
    17Registration Ends for all StudentsFriday 19th January, 2019
    18MatriculationFriday 19th January, 2019
    19Revision Week for all StudentsMonday 21st January, – Friday 25th January, 2019
    20Examination for Returning and Fresh StudentsMonday 28th January – Friday 8th February, 2019
    21End of First Semester/Students VacateSaturday 9th February, 2019
    22Marking and Submission of Scripts to DepartmentsFriday 1st March, 2019
    SECOND SEMESTER 2018/2019
    1Students Return to CampusSaturday 6th April, 2019
    2Lectures CommenceMonday 8th April, 2019
    3Inception QuizTuesday 23rd – Monday 29th April 2019
    4Approval and Submission of Inception Examination Results to Directorate of Academic Planning ( DAP)Wednesday 8th – Friday 10th May, 2019
    5Inter-denominational PrayerTuesday 21st May, 2019
    6Mid-Semester Examination*Monday 27th – Friday 31st May, 2019
    7Students WeekMonday 10th June, 2019 – Friday 14th June, 2019
    8Submission of Mid-Semester Examination to DepartmentsFriday 14th June, 2019
    9Revision Week24th June, 2019 – Friday 28th June, 2019
    10Examination (400 Level)Monday 1st – Friday 12th July, 2019
    11Examination (100 – 300 Level)Monday 15th July – Friday 2nd August, 2019
    12Students Vacate CampusSaturday 3rd August, 2019
    13Marking and Submission of Scripts for 400 Level to DepartmentsFriday 9th August, 2019
    14Faculty Board Meeting to Consider 400 Level ResultsWednesday 14th August, 2019
    15Marking and Submission of Scripts for 100 – 300 Level to DepartmentsFriday 23rd August, 2019
    16Faculty Board Meeting to Consider (100 – 300 Level) ResultsWednesday 28th August, 2019
    Senate Meeting to Consider Second Semester ExaminationWednesday 11th September, 2019
    Submission of Results to Academic RegistryWednesday 18th September, 2019
    1Lectures14 Weeks
    2Inception Quiz1 Week
    3Mid – Semester Test2 Week (Returning & Fresh Students)
    4Revision1 Week
    5Examination2 Weeks
    Total20 Weeks
    1Lectures14 Weeks
    2Inception Quiz1 Week
    3Mid – Semester Test1 Week
    4Students Week1 week
    5Revision1 Week
    6Examination4 Weeks (Final Year 2 Weeks)
    Total22 Weeks
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