Augustine University Academic Calendar 2018/2019 Session

Augustine University Academic Calendar

The management of the Augustine University, Ilara-Epe (AUI) has released the academic calendar for the 2018/2019 academic session.

Augustine University Academic Calendar.

Monday 24-Friday 28 September, 2018Staff Orientation Programmes/ Academic Staff Retreat
Tuesday 02 October, 2018Arrival of Returning/Direct Entry Students
Wednesday 03-Friday 05 October, 2018Orientation/Registration
Monday 08 October, 2018First Semester lectures begin for 200 level to 400 level Students
Monday 15 October, 2018Arrival of 100 level Students
Tuesday 16-Friday 19 October, 2018Orientation/Course Registration for 100 level Students
Monday 22 October, 2018First Semester lectures begin for 100 level Students
Thursday 25 October, 2018
29th Senate Meeting
Thursday 29 November, 201830th Senate Meeting
Sunday 16 December 2018 – Sunday 6 January 2019Christmas Break
Sunday 6 January 2019Arrival of All Students on Campus
Monday 7 January 2019First Semester lectures continue for all Students
Thursday 31 January, 201931st Senate Meeting
Friday 01 Feb 2019 (14 weeks)End of First Semester lectures for 200 to 400 level Students
Monday 04-Friday 08 February, 2019Revision week for 200 to 400 level Students
Friday 15 February, 2019(14 weeks)End of lectures for 100 level Students
Monday 11-Friday 22 February, 2019First Semester Examinations for 200 to 400 level Students
Monday 18-Friday 22 February, 2019Revision week for 100 level Students
Thursday 21 February, 2019Matriculation Ceremony
Thursday 28 February, 201932nd Senate Meeting
Monday 25 February-Friday 08 March 2019First Semester Examinations for 100 level Students
Thursday 21 March 201933rd Senate Meeting for consideration of First Semester Results
Monday 11 March-Monday 01 April 2019End of First Semester/Mid-session Break
Tuesday 02 April 2019Second Semester lectures begin for All Students
Thursday 25 April, 201934th Senate Meeting
Thursday 30 May, 201935th Senate Meeting
Thursday 27 June, 201936th Senate Meeting
Friday 05 July, 2019 (14 weeks)End of Second Semester Lectures
Monday 08-Friday 12 July 2019Revision Week
Thursday 25 July, 201937th Senate Meeting
Monday 15-Friday 26 July 2019Second Semester Examinations
Thursday 15 August, 2019Senate Meeting for consideration of Second Semester Results/End of Session
Thursday 01 November, 2018All Saints Day
Saturday 08 December, 2018Immaculate Conception
Friday 14-Sunday 16 December, 2018Mid-Semester Spiritual Retreat
Sunday 16 December, 2018Christmas Carols/End of year break
Wednesday 13 February, 2019Ash Wednesday
Tuesday 19 March, 2019Solemnity of St. Joseph
Friday 29 March, 2019Good Friday
Monday 01 April, 2019Easter Monday
Wednesday 01 May, 2019Workers’ Day
Friday 17-Sunday 19 May, 2019Mid-Semester Spiritual Retreat
Thursday 15 August, 2019Solemnity of Assumption

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