NABTEB Warns Centres and State Officers, Releases New Registration Procedure

NABTEB Warns Centres and State Officers

I have started getting names of Examination Centres and their Coordinators, where candidates were made to pay more than N11, 500 (so far, I have been informed that amounts charged ranged from N11,500 to N40, 000 per candidate, besides the “understanding fees”, which some of the centres either charge or give candidates the option of paying!).

Furthermore, any State Officer for whom evidence will be presented to the Governing Board or Management for extortion of Examination Centre Coordinators, shall not only be SUSPENDED pending investigation by the ICPC, who, by law, are partners of NABTEB, but shall make a refund. The same applies to Centre Coordinators who have demanded and collected more than N11,500 from candidates.

No State Officer is permitted to collect any amount from Examination Centres whose candidates are less than a particular figure.

GOOD NEWS: Effective Nov/Dec 2018 NABTEB Examinations:

1. Candidates shall make payment online, where they will choose their preferred Examination Centre.

2. Approved and registered Examination Centres (ECs) shall be uploaded on a new NABTEB website: One requirement is that the centres should have facilities for biometric capture (A unique Access Code shall be given to them, and an agreed percentage shall be paid to them).

3. Look out for more innovations, including CBT to replace Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format from next year.

Objective: To make registration for NABTEB Examinations easier, and free of human manipulation. For example, if a candidate is threatened with extortion at an EC, where they go for biometric capture, they can simply go back to NABTEB portal and replace the EC within a time window, and give reasons, which could lead to de-listing of the EC.

NABTEB staff must not have physical contact with NABTEB money.

Finally, no candidate is expected or required to pay to an Examination Centre for “logistics”, “practicals”, etc. Refuse to pay, and contact NABTEB through any means available, including at (or and 08097061460. There shall be a speedy response. NABTEB is your servant, and wolves are not tolerated around henceforth.


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