Wednesday, April 25, 2018

UNICAL Management Insists on Payment of School Charges as Precondition for Taking Part in the 2nd Semester Examinations

UNICAL Management Insists on Payment of School Charges

Addressing a group of Final year students who identified themselves as from the Faculty of Management Science, the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, Prof Uche Amalu said that Management took the tough stance after observing with dismay the laxity shown towards prompt payment of charges.

UNICAL Management Insists on Payment of School Charges

Prof Amalu told the students who had clustered round the gate leading to the Vice Chancellor’s block that they will not be admitted into the examination hall until a definite and bold step towards payment of school charges has been complied with.

He admitted that though the Vice Chancellor is aware that some students come from humble backgrounds, it will not however deter management from enforcing its decision owing to the long period of grace observed and the non challant attitude of many students.

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Prof Amalu said that the Prof Zana Akpagu administration will be failing in its duty of providing basic necessities to students if it trifles with payment of school charges.

On the plea by the students of being offered another opportunity to take part in exams that they have missed, the Deputy Vice Chancellor said their case will be given attention by the Vice Chancellor after payment of relevant school charges.

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